About Wisconsin Health Fund

About WHF

Our goal is to provide all of our patients with a wide range of high quality, comprehensive and affordable health care services designed to focus on personalized treatment with an emphasis on compassionate care. We also pay particular attention to respecting your time by, wherever possible, reducing your number of visits and the actual amount of time you spend receiving on-site services.

Whether you require medical, dental, or pharmacy assistance, our staff and in-house services combine to provide you with highly skilled health care delivered efficiently in one facility. Importantly, our members receive all covered services at our medical center with a ZERO CO-PAY!

For those situations where referrals are required, we will arrange your appointment with one of our trusted outside health care providers to ensure prompt attention to your needs and to confirm compliance with your insurance coverage. Our referral resources are selected based both for their adherence to our strict quality standards and their cost-effectiveness.

From Allergy to Urology, we’ve got you covered. For a complete listing of our providers and their specialties, click here.

Wisconsin Health Fund is a not-for-profit, multi-employer, Taft-Hartley Trust Fund, governed by the US Department of Labor under ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act).


Service Centers

6200 W. Bluemound Road

Milwaukee, WI 53213


  • Administrative Offices
  • Benefits Administration
  • Accounting Offices
  • Field Relations
  • Medical Center
  • Dental Center
  • Fund Pharmacy
  • Information Technology Services

1314 N. Stoughton Road

Madison, WI 53714


  • Benefits Administration
  • Cost Containment Center

Union Trustees

Jeff Bandur

Mark Hanley

Thomas J. Bennett

Thomas W. Benvenuto

Employer Trustees

Rich Dembinsky

Gary R. Kraus

Mike Rivecca

Mathew A. Wolf

Executive Director

Michael S. Lovely
Wisconsin Health Fund

We look forward to assisting you with all your medical, dental, or pharmacy needs.

Clinics & Pharmacy

Learn more about our Medical Center, Pharmacy, and Dental Center. Delivering the very best in health care services.

Member Benefits

Learn more about benefits available to member organizations covered by Wisconsin Health Fund.