Wisconsin Health Fund Physicians are training on a new Electronic Health Record System

Nov 2, 2018

In this day and age, digital record keeping for healthcare providers is essential. The WHF Electronic Physician Health Record implementation will provide several significant advantages for Patients and Physicians at the WHF Medical Center.

The electronic Health Record system provides your physician with instant access to diagnostic tests, enabling you and your doctor to discuss results during your visit and quickly respond to any health changes. This results in better health management which is especially important for those needing management of chronic conditions. This instant access to your health record will also make the time you spend with your doctor more productive and, in many cases, reduce the number of visits required.

In addition, when your Primary Care Physician and any specialist you are seeing can share all of your information seamlessly, they can coordinate care in a more effective, efficient and time sensitive manner. Making more information available at the physician’s finger tips creates a powerful tool which ensures improved decision making and better patient outcomes.

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