ZERO Medical Clinic Co-Pay for WHF Members

Jan 1, 2020

Wisconsin Health Fund (WHF) is very proud and excited to announce that, for members, all covered services at our on-site medical clinic will be provided to you and your family at no cost. That’s right, ZERO co-pay for any covered service we provide at our medical clinic.

As you already know, medical costs continue to rise at a frantic pace. Just recently the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that doctor fees in the Milwaukee area are 41% higher than the national average.

WHF’s on-site facilities give us a great advantage in this healthcare market because we know the more our members use our clinics the more we can lower overall operating expenses. We believe removing the clinic co-pay will result in greater usage of the WHF medical center. Additionally, because we have the medical center, we have established preferred provider relationships that our referral department can help you access, saving you hundreds of dollars with just a minor co-pay.

It’s understood that not all of the membership will be able to access the medical center, but they too will benefit from reduced overall operating costs. When it comes time for contract renewal, lower overall expenses translate into more competitive health and welfare contributions.

We encourage you to take advantage of this incredible opportunity to receive the high-quality healthcare you deserve while at the same time keeping hard earned dollars right in your pocket.

Should you have any questions or wish to learn more about how our internal referral service can help you save outside of the clinic setting please don’t hesitate to reach us at 888-208-8808.